What is Life in My Hood?

Life In My Hood is a series of video guides, each focusing on one suburb, neighbourhood or area of a city.

Who makes the films?

Each 90-second video is filmed by a local resident using their own phone and provides an authentic first-hand recommendation to help visitors live like a local.

What do the films include?

Locals in each place answer the five essential questions anyone planning a short stay would want to know:

  1. Where to buy groceries?
  2. What is there to do?
  3. Where’s the best coffee?
  4. Where’s good to eat?
  5. Where can I buy a gift?

We have used a range of sources to define the top 100 Airbnb suburbs around Australia based on the number of listings.

We have compiled a list of 20 in each of Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane/South East Queensland, 10 each in Adelaide, Hobart and Perth, and five each in Canberra and Darwin.

For our list of suburbs, see here.

How do you choose which suburbs, precincts or localities are filmed?

How are the films distributed?

We use social media, especially Facebook, to target the core Airbnb audience in Europe and North America.

We also encourage sponsors to cross post each video on Facebook to increase its reach to people searching specific suburbs.

Because each episode focuses on one suburb at a time, it is search-engine optimised. The videos will also be hosted on both the Anydoko travel channel and the Life In My Hood website, with links available to be shared on Airbnb or Stayz property listings.

We are working with a mix of destination marketing organisations (DMOs) such as state tourism boards, local councils, chambers of commerce and neighbourhood traders' associations to cover the cost of production and to help our filmmakers to plan their itineraries.

Additionally, we offer short stay rental hosts the opportunity to directly support the project in return for a video they can link to in their property promotion. For this, they can film their own suburb and pay a small fee to cover the cost of editing into a 90-second guide.

See our sponsorship packages here. 

Who pays for the films’ production?